For the right care of a valuable, hand-made hat, a good hat-brush is recommended.
The right storage of the hat is just as important. If you do not own a hat-box, the hat should preferably be stored in a closed cupboard and care should be taken that neither the crown nor the brim should be bent. A special plastic hat-container is, of course, delivered with the acquisition of a Szaszi Hat.

Dampness or wetness are not recommended for any hat. But it is not always possible to avoid being surprised by rain or snow. Actually a light drizzle would not really hurt a Szaszi hat, but it is nevertheless not advisable to expose any hat to strong rain.

Under no circumstances should your valuable hat be dried on a radiator or anywhere near a heater. Neither should it be left in a car or under the rear window exposed to the sun. Felt hats will become lighter and softer and lose their shape, straw hats or panama-hats will dry up, the fibres break.

Szaszi Hats gladly offer you full service for your hat. The hat will be steamed and carefully cleaned and reshaped. If necessary, the hat-band or inner leather-band can be changed.

More detailed cleaning instructions will, of course, be delivered with your new Szaszi hat.