Szaszi hats are made of the finest raw materials. The stumps are delivered by the very best factories only. The felt is made out of shorn hair of rabbits, wild rabbits, nutria, beaver, mink, sable and chinchilla. Only the hair is used, the animal is not hurt.

It all starts with a very private, individual consultation and advice. Which hat will the customer choose, which model would suit his face, figure, the width of his shoulders, the way he wants to present himself to the world-all this is taken into consideration. Then master Shapira proceeds to find out the exact measurements and shape of the head with the “conformateur”, the traditional measuring-tool of the hatter.

  After the hat-model is chosen, following an old tradition, the stump is treated with pure, natural, liquid shellack. The hat is then steamed in a special bell, making the varnish spread evenly throughout the material. This gives the hat its first tentative shape. The hatter will thereby achieve exactly the degree of hardness the customer wishes his hat to be.  
  The crown of the hat is slowly given its final shape, step by step. First over cast-iron forms, then on smooth, shiny wooden ones, which are, most of them, visibly older than 150 years and originate from the first Szaszi work-shop.
  After that the hat is steamed in a huge manual press, which is also an old piece from the original store. This process gives the felt its final strength, the crown is then given its final shape by hand, immediately afterwards.  
  The typical curve of the brim is achieved by ironing it over a wooden shape, according to its later width and desired upward or downward bend.  
  In a few steps the handmade hat, nearing its completion, is now carefully rubbed all over with special ultra-fine sand-paper, which gives it its pleasant and velvety touch.

According to the customer´s taste the handmade hat will be given its individual finish- leather sweat-band inside, elegant hat-band outside, either silken or of other choice materials. There are antique hat-bands from factories that have long ceased to exist, an abundance of exquisite silk ribbons in all shades, from before the war. The customer can now choose the kind of bow, a storm button and, if he wishes, the seam of the brim can be finished with a matching or contrasting band. Lo and behold! A special hat, a masterpiece is born!