Elegant Gentlemen´s Hats from Vienna

On Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna, one of the best-loved shopping miles of the city, a little shop-window of slightly dusty charm informs the shopper that in the back-yard, an old stone staircase leads to the workshop of a master hatter.
The original, old sign of the founder leads to the kingdom of the hat-maker. The stunned visitor realizes that he has stumbled upon a magic world – a world of elegant gentlemen´s hats of long lost perfection.

For the longest time, the gentlemen of the Viennese high society had their hats made here, mainly the silken top-hats of the most elegant customers.
When master Szaszi fell in the war, the workshop was taken over by master Caletka, who could not find a suitable successor until it was almost too late. Just in time, after the old master suffered a stroke, the shop finally found a worthy successor in master hatter Shapira – the last master of the really perfect, elegant gentleman´s hat.

In his now 150 years old Biedermeier-workshop that looks more like a museum than anything else, master Shapira produces exquisite gentlemen´s hats, adhering to the traditions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Each hand-made hat is unique, made from choice materials from all over the world.
Out of formless stumps, models of timeless perfection are formed by the master´s hands.
The elegant gentleman who prefers to wear hand-tailored suits and shoes cannot afford to forego the completion of his wardrobe by one of the handmade Szaszi hats.

From precious raw materials, unique gems of elegance are made specifically and painstakingly, step by step, for the customer, his exact measures are carefully taken with the conformateur, the special tool of the hatter. The gentleman´s taste, preferences and special wishes, his face and figure are specifically considered. For the right hat will, of course, complete the elegant gentleman´s outfit in a very special way.

Here the customer is royalty and has a huge choice of models, be it a classical hat, a new or old model, antique or extravagant hat, a special hat, anything he could dream of. There is no restriction to the customers´ wishes. Even models that could not be found anywhere in the world, have been produced by SZASZI, to the utter amazement and joy of customers.
At Szaszi´s the outside world recedes, even the busiest people forget the time, in the fascinating, old-fashioned atmosphere intelligent conversations take place and deep thoughts are exchanged.

Every fashion-conscious gentleman who appreciates an individually fit elegant hat, a special hat, that can not be found in any other place, will leave the production of his headwear trustfully to this master-hatter, for master Shapira knows from experience which brim will fit, which type of hat will frame the face in such a special way, it will create the impression that the wearer has been born wearing this particular hat…

In order to give you the necessary time and attention we ask the esteemed customer to kindly make an appointment by telephone (appointments on Sundays are possible).
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